Inquilinxs Unidxs:  A community activist group for renter’s rights and rent control in Minneapolis.  Hope to work with them soon.

HOMEline: A housing and tenant advocacy group:

Aeon: A non-profit housing organization:

The Met Council: The top of the housing food chain, they should dictate housing policy in the Twin Cities metro as they review cities’ comprehensive plans.  Unfortunately, they appear not to push for affordable housing beyond the minimum requirements and have not responded to the crisis unfolding:

Model Cities: Sponsor a great affordable housing complex being built on University and Victoria avenues:

Project for Pride in Living:  Sponsor a great affordable housing complex at Hamline and University avenues:

The Alliance: Work on advocating for affordable housing in the Twin Cities.  Hope to work with this group more:

Make Homes Happen:

Sustain Ward 3: This group needs to be pressured.  I would characterize them as a YIMBY group whose main goal is the construction of market rate apartments.  If affordable housing comes with it, they see it as a bonus, but will not advocate for affordable housing.  Unfortunately, at times they seem to be a mouth-piece for developers.  Email this group as necessary: